Taking Some Me Time

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After working a long week there is nothing more I like to do than CHILL OUT!
This usually consists of coffee in my favourite cup, getting cosy on the sofa with Roxie, watching an episode of whatever series I’m obsessed with, currently Power! It then involves taking Roxie for a walk to tire her out and maybe a little stop off point to grab a hot chocolate or a tipple of wine (It depends on my mood yanno).
I drink endless cups of tea, currently I am loving Peppermint tea. It will then probably involve watching more of Power or Chelsea on Netflix whilst doing a bit of work on my Blog, this could be taking photos, editing them or writing up a new blog post. 
I also try and plan my week ahead so ordering the food shop, organising what nights I can go to the gym, just basic things that may help my week go a little more smoothly. I then love to have a pamper night… yanno really just relax.... light some candles, read my book, exfoliate, put a face and hair mask on and just CHILL THE HELL OUT! Chill usually involves me and G-Diz getting a takeaway and chocolate and watching some Marvel film. 
I think every so often people need a whole day to do nothing and not feel guilty about it. This doesn’t happen every Sunday, more often than not I am out shopping or frantically cleaning the house from head to toe because I have been super busy/lazy all week and have not had time. It is also quite possible that I am a little/a lot worse for wear and asking myself for the majority of the day was it really worth that last glass of wine. Ideally though these steps are my Sunday Funday so to speak.

What do you get up to on your lazy day?

Fergie Rox

KIKO Beauty Review

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Last time I was in London I noticed on Regent Street KIKO 
As I used to be a regular shopper on Regent Street I know that KIKO never used to be there. Obviously I had to go in and try a few things out. 
The first thing I picked up was the 30 days Extension daily treatment mascara, this actually wasn't the one I wanted as the one I originally picked up was a clear mascara that you could wear during the night, unlucky for me that was sold out, so I decided I would purchase this one and apply it every morning before my usual Mascara.  
I then also picked up The Extra Sculpt, Waterproof Mascara in Black. 
Both of these products were very affordable however, neither have wowed me.  The Extra sculpt Mascara is great at giving your lashes volume and a little length. It does however take ages to dry so you can't coat your bottom lashes straight away as I am always left with black splodges over my just done eyeshadow. 

I can't really say that I have seen a great improvement in my eyelashes with the 30 days treatment mascara. I have to be honest though and tell you I definitely have not used it for 30 consecutive days, whether that's the reason I haven't noticed a difference I don't know.  I do like to use this mascara on minimal makeup days though as it gives me a light coat and I feel like i'm giving my eyelashes a pamper so to speak. 

I would definitely like to try some of their other products, they had a lot of different lip products that intrigued me so they will probably be on my list for next time. 

Let me know what you think of KIKO products.


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