NYX came to Boots

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I have been wanting to get my hands on some NYX products for so long.
So when I found out Boots would soon be stocking them I knew I would be straight in to pick up a few things.

As I was being rushed by my oh so great Boyfriend I only had a couple of minutes to scan and buy and these are the few things I was able to pick up.
I knew I wanted to buy the butter gloss and Matte cream but I knew before I even got to the counter that I would not be leaving with just 2 products.
 As I was in a rush I was able to buy 5 products however I am loving being able to try out each product for 24 hours to see pigmentation and lasting power etc. 

The products that made it into my basket was the Lip liner in Bedrose, the Butter gloss in Creme Brulee, 3 Matte creams in Stockholm, Istanbul and Monte Carlo and finally the XXL Mascara.
I am absolutely loving the Lip liner, the colour is a beautiful pink nude and it is so creamy that it goes on like a dream. The matte creams are so pigmented and last for at least 4 hours without my lips becoming dry.  As for the Butter Gloss this product on its own is quite sheer and I wasn't expecting that, so I use it purely as a gloss over the Matte creams. I will say that it gives my lips hydration and they look a lot more plump after application. 
Sadly I cannot say much for the Mascara, I think I may have just picked up the wrong one for my eyelashes as I find the brush doesn't grip onto my lashes, and when it does it doesn't really have much effect. This hasn't put me off trying different Mascaras in the range as for the cheap price point it is always worth testing out new products and seeing if they are my new go to. 

From left to right- Bedrose, Creme Brulee, Stockholm, Istanbul, Monte Carlo

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