April Favourites

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It's been a great month for trying new things, as Spring is here I find my skincare routine has changed, the heavy duty moisturizers have been put away and the serums, oils and lighter products have come out.

Kiehl's Midnight recovery is one product that really has made a huge difference to my skin, especially when I feel my skin needs just that little bit of extra loving. Not only does it keep my skin nourished but it makes my skin a lot brighter, this product will be staying in my most used products throughout spring and summer.
I am very loyal to NARS Sheer Glow and I continue to be, however I have been wanting to test out new Foundations and last month I was lucky enough to have a Chanel Makeover and I loved the results that this Foundation gave me. I would say it is medium coverage but it is definitely buildable.
Another staple I have been loving these past few months are the Collection 2000 eyes uncovered palettes, I say palettes as there are a few to collect!
The Nudes, Nude/Bronze, Nude/Grey- They have such great pigment, and are small so easy to carry around with you. The colours really are gorgeous, I think my favourite out of them all is the Nude/Bronze palette as gold tones are my go to however, on a night out when I am going for the more made up look I usually opt for the Nude grey depending on my outfit. I am a complete lover for all the Naked Palette's but I have to be honest and say in the last month these are the palettes I have been reaching for.

My love for Candles is ever growing and I now have so many that I really need to start burning them. However, with some candles costing a hefty amount I am very reluctant to burn them and this is the reason I think there are 2 types in candles in this world (sad I know). There are the candles you put on show - for me these are Jo Malone, Diptique and The White Company. There is then the candles that you burn for hours to make your home smell beaut! 
I recently was given a set of 3 Diptique candles to go on my shelves and I am loving how they look and smell. However the real appreciation is DW Candles, I picked one up before Christmas and I loved the smell, it burnt for over 56 hours and had 2 wicks, so obviously I had to go in and buy more. The only problem is I bought them from TK Max and as you will know, once they're gone they're gone. 
I have been really getting into my health and fitness this past month and I have really started to enjoy drinking Peppermint tea. I used to drink it because I knew it was healthy but I never really used to enjoy it however, now I crave it. The second health thing I have been using most days is the Bioglan Green boost, this is a green powder that has 5 different vegetables in 2/3 spoonfuls. All I do with this is add it into my smoothie of a morning, so instead of having to buy spinach and kale to add into my smoothies I am getting more nutrients with this and it is super easy.
Finally my book of the month is I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh, I won't spoil it for you, but if you loved Gone girl and Girl on a train then you are sure to love this. 

Let me know below what your favourites are this month, 

Fergie Rox
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