Easter Baking

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Easter is less than a week away and everyone knows this means a weekend full of chocolate.
It also involves Family get togethers and every dinner needs a dessert.
This cake is chocolate heaven so it's perfect for your Easter treat.

All you will need for this recipe is ...
Stork 225g
Caster sugar 225g
Self raising flour 225g
40g cocoa powder
4 medium eggs
2 tsp baking powder

50g stork
450g icing sugar
45g cocoa powder
1tsp vanilla extract
75ml milk

Cornflake nest
1 bar of chocolate
Mini Eggs

You will also need 2 cake tins

Firstly set your oven at 180 degrees, then mix your Stork butter with your caster sugar, then your eggs. Once this is smooth start adding your flour into the mixture slowly along with your baking and cocoa powder. 
Once this is smooth and your 2 cake tins are greased, separate the mixture into both tins and bake in the oven for 25/30 minutes. 
Leave to completely cool before frosting your cake. 

To make your frosting start by adding the Stork to the cocoa powder, once combined add the milk, then gradually add the icing sugar. Once smooth decorate your cake as you wish.
For this Easter cake I added a cornflake nest on top and topped with mini eggs. 
You can decorate as you wish, let your creativity go to town. 

Let me see all your creations this Easter and use the hashtag #BakingwithStork

Fergie Rox

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