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There is something about a full monochrome outfit that gets me excited!  You will know if you have been with me from day 1 that my wardrobe is mainly black and white with some beige and greys. The reason for this is that when I need to drag myself out of bed in the morning I don't have to think about what will go and plus I just love monochrome, I think it looks so chic yet effortless.
Usually it's black trousers/jeans with a white shirt so this time ive switched it up with this gorgeous A-line skirt from Zara. 
This skirt can be dressed up or down, In this outfit I paired it with a basic black crop top from ASOS and some strappy heels from Missguided.  
I also wore my favorite coat from Zara which finishes the look off. There is just something about wearing a nice coat that makes you feel so special, don't you think? Like when you wear a long dress or maxi skirt. Anyway let me know if you know what I am on about or if I'm just rambling. 

Fergie Rox

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