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So Valentines is coming up. Some people love it, some people hate it.
If you ask most people I am pretty unloving, I don’t mean to be but all the mushy ‘lovey dovey’ stuff sometimes just makes me feel honestly a little bit sick. I think I’m just too sarcastic and PDA (Personal display of affection) is just too much for me to handle. Don’t get me wrong i'm a nice person and I’m not heartless all the time. I just don’t think all the world needs to see how much you love each other. I think the reason I am so anti PDA is because once whilst waiting for a train I had to watch a man and woman share a McDonalds Cheese Burger, and I don’t just mean a bite for me and bite for you! I mean the man had a bite and then the women bit the burger out of the man’s mouth. It was just too much, way way too much!
I do however love celebrations, whether it’s Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween or Easter. You name it, I will have some sort of interior décor in my house that shouts out what I am celebrating. My motto is... If it only happens once a year why not make the most of it! Therefore I do try and do something on Valentines (that’s if I have a boyfriend), and for the last 3 Valentines I have been celebrating it with the same 1 guy! For me Valentines isn't about big expensive gifts it's about small thoughtful ideas/gifts. I think Valentines is a day to show that one person how much you appreciate them and buying them a heartless expensive present is just missing the point. 
My ideal Valentines would be being whisked off somewhere, doing activities in the day, having nice meals at night, and eating dessert for breakfast. Who wouldn’t right? But that costs money and not all of us have that much of it. So maybe you need to do Valentines on a budget, why not get dressed up, go into town for a few cocktails and have a nice meal in your favourite restaurant? Or… stay in, cook dinner together, light some candles, turn on some fairy lights and watch your favourite movie whilst eating some yummy food (that’s if you can cook, I tend to get takeaway, cause otherwise an argument may arise from my burning of the sweet potato fries, which then sets the fire alarm off) and let’s be honest no one needs an argument on Valentines.
If you still haven't got an outfit planned for Valentine's, Ego Footwear's got you covered. Below I have put together a few outfits of what I would wear for my perfect Valentines. 

How will you be spending your Valentines? I still don’t know what we’re doing but I’m sure it will involve food…. Maybe a baked camembert and some sort of chocolate pudding, and hopefully dessert for breakfast. 
This post is in association with EGO Footwear, the outfits styled are all my own choice paired with The Esme Heel from Ego Footwear. The shoes I have styled I absolutely love and would totally wear them for my Valentines night.  Don’t forget to post your Ego footwear purchases and use the hashtag #egosquad for a chance to be featured on their website and social media platforms.
Fergie Rox xx
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