What I got for Christmas 2015

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This year I was really excited and ready for Christmas, I think the lead up to Christmas is my favourite part and I love trying to get people in the festive spirit. Usually I don't feel ready but this year I was in full festive mode, maybe it was because I now have my own house to decorate so I can make it into my very own festive grotto.
This year I was absolutely spoilt with gifts and I am so thankful for them and I can't believe how everyone knows me so well because every single gift I loved. 
Some of the gifts i've already started using because I couldn't help myself and most of the christmas chocolate i've gobbled up cause who doesn't at christmas. 

2015  Gifts
White company candles/Diffuser
Zara Vouchers
Ted Baker wash bag
Department store vouchers
The White Company vouchers
Lush sets
Soap and glory sets
NEOM set
White Company Pyjamas
Mugs and Interior decor
A gorgeous Tiffany Necklace

These are just some of the gifts I received this year and this is by no means bragging i'm just so grateful for everything I received and I personally love to see what everyone else got for Christmas so I thought I would do a post about what I got for Christmas 2015.
I hope everyone had a magical Christmas and a fun filled New year! 

Fergie Rox

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  1. wow ! I am rather envious of all the candles you got :)