Leather and layers

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January is the month where people's New Year's resolutions are still going strong, people have given up food and started fitness, January is known as dry January as most people have given up Alcohol due to the sheer amount they consumed over the christmas period. 
However if you're not one of these people and you're still hitting the bars then leather and layers will be the perfect combo for you! (Especially if you need to hide the couple of extra pounds you're trying to shift)

This Friday I teamed my outfit with some suede ankle boots as my stilettos have no need to be in the local pub. If you however are going ‘out out’ put them killer heels on and go have fun.
Fergie Rox

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1 comment:

  1. I love your flowy top! And your outfit is awesome, comfortable but very stylish!

    Nat | Dignifiable