So this may be a day late but I have been busy looking after my 2 little cousins and eating all the leftover food. (Who actually starts their health kick on the 1st, It starts the first monday in January doesn't it..... 
Plus I went to start writing this at 8pm last night and realised Sherlock was on, so then it was all about making a hot chocolate and getting cosy on the sofa. 

I am one of those people who make New Year resolutions every year, some are unrealistic, some are stupid and some I may just actually stick too. I like to make different kinds of resolutions some that will make me a better person, some that I think will make me a happier person, and some easy ones just so I can say I stuck to something. (I remember last year my stupid one was to make sure I only have chicken nuggets once per week. This was actually half stupid, half hard as Chicken Nuggets are my favourite food in the world. 

2016 New year's Resolutions

1) Every year I try and read a book a month, or 12 books throughout the year and keep a log of what books I read (I want to do this again).
 2) Try and save a little bit of money every month.
3) Eat less crisps (mainly wotsits) 
4) Start a Yoga class and be more active in general
5) Try and make any negative aspects of my life into a positive one and surround myself with positive people. 
6) Be in the now, be present and stop viewing life through a mobile phone. (There's nothing worse than being in a room with people who are constantly on their phones not paying attention to what's going on around them)
7) Have a digital detox 1 hour before bed every night
8) Blog more and be more creative with it
9) Use my Juicer even if it does take a lot of cleaning
10) Be grateful for what I have and don't take things for granted

Some of these resolutions I have every year, some I do but would like to do more. I know I won't stick to all of them religiously because it's life and you get carried away, but I like to make resolutions because I like to set myself up for a positive year and I hope to make the best out of it and shape myself into a better person. 

I hope you all have a happy, healthy 2016 
Make it an amazing one

Fergie Rox 

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  1. Great post. x

  2. Lovely post, I like that your goals are realistic and reading one book a month is one I want to do myself! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog