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I recently had a convention to go to and needed to dress smart. I am not really one for wearing a smart suit and I felt I needed to style it up a tad just to feel more like me. I opted for some tailored trousers from Boohoo and a tailored blazer again from Boohoo. I teamed with a plain white crop top as I didn't want to style with the usual white shirt. 
These Peep toe boots were a bargain and I love the cut out detail, I feel it just breaks up your trouser hem and shows off a little bit of ankle.

Let me know how you would style your smarts.

Fergie Rox

The Statement Coat


The simplest of outfits can be transformed with a statement coat and that's exactly what I went for. With a busy lifestyle sometimes it's hard to find inspiration for your Friday night drinks. The weather this January has become freezing and no more can we go out without a coat. 
This coat is my absolute favourite at the moment, it is from ASOS, I found it in the sale and lets just say I grabbed it as soon as I set my eyes on it. The colours are so wearable they go with black, denim and so much more. I'm so happy I found this gem as I know it's going to be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come. I teamed my coat with my Black Boyfriend Jeans again from ASOS, and a simple black cropped top. I decided to brave it wearing some silver heeled sandals as I like styling masculine Jeans with feminine pieces. 
I do find that I need to hang it up straight away as if left on the sofa or bed my dog and cat think it's some sort of animal/blanket they can drape themselves over. 

I hope you like this post, let me know how you would style this gorgeous coat. 
All details of this outfit can be found above

Fergie Rox


Denim skirt

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When I was young Denim skirts were the 'in thing'. If you didn't own a Denim skirt you weren't in with the crowd. They then became the most unhip thing to wear especially when worn with tights and UGG boots.
In 2015 they made a comeback and hit the catwalks and continue to do so, this time embracing a Button detail and not just in your blue Denim, you'll be seeing Black, Beige and Corduroy. 
I picked up my bargain at Boohoo and styled it with a suede boyfriend shirt and my old favourite ankle boots from Topshop!
When it got a bit cooler I grabbed my chunky polo neck and styled over the top. (Leather jackets are never that warm really are they). My Leather Jacket is from Topshop Boutique on Oxford Street, I don't know whether the exact same one is on sale as I have had mine for years. Here is one very similar.

I hope you like this look, It isn't anything special it's just what I wear when nipping into town to grab a few things. Recreate this look and send me your links. 

Fergie Rox


Leather and layers

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January is the month where people's New Year's resolutions are still going strong, people have given up food and started fitness, January is known as dry January as most people have given up Alcohol due to the sheer amount they consumed over the christmas period. 
However if you're not one of these people and you're still hitting the bars then leather and layers will be the perfect combo for you! (Especially if you need to hide the couple of extra pounds you're trying to shift)

This Friday I teamed my outfit with some suede ankle boots as my stilettos have no need to be in the local pub. If you however are going ‘out out’ put them killer heels on and go have fun.
Fergie Rox


Double Denim


Christmas is over and it's back to work and college we go!
When dressing for work you think black and white but it doesn’t always have to be like that.
Nowadays denim can be dressed up, down or doubled and this is how I like to do it.
Dress up your double denim with a smart coat and ankle boots or dress it down with a pair of your most worn, most loved converse.

This year make your 2016 wardrobe one to remember…

 Be daring, be bold, and most of all be confident

Fergie Rox

2015 Favourites


Even when being a Beauty Blogger it's easy to get stuck in a beauty rut, using the same products over  and over again. Every month I like to try different products, However over the year these select few products are the ones that have been reused and repurchased. 

Naked Palette 2
This Palette is like no other, I have all the Naked palettes and all of them are amazing. However, the colour tones in this palette are my favourite and its the one I always reach for. The pigmentation and staying power of the Naked Palettes are second to none.
Nars Sheer Glow- Fiji
 Do I need to say anymore... I have been using NARS since it broke into the blogging scene and I have never looked back. 
Bobbi Brown- Shimmer Brick- Bronze
 This product never ends, I use it most days and it just doesn't seem too hit pan. This is perfect for the everyday contour we oh so need.
Rimmel Kate Lipsticks - 106 & 03
 These 2 are my go to whether I am reaching for a Red or a Nude Kate is where it's at. The staying power of these is incredible. I used to hate wearing a red for a night out because of the amount of times I would need to go and touch up my lippy, however with Rimmel Kate 106 there is no need, you can feel confident that your teeth are always lippy free.
Maybelline- Lash Sensational
Mascara is my 'if you could only take one makeup product one a Desert Island what would it be item' This keeps my eyelashes curly, long and thick all day long, what more could I as for...
Lush Bath Bomb- Avobath
 This is my go-to, I love the smell, I love how soft it makes my skin feel, and (I also love that it doesn't stain my bath after i'm out).
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I never used Bioderma I went straight to this and I'm so happy I did because I honestly need no more than this in my life.
Rimmel Salon Pro- Get A Nail Tan
 This colour is just the dream!
Darphin- Nourishing and Firming Velvet Cream
I use this when i'm having a pamper session as it makes my skin feel luxurious.
Darphin-  Youthful Radiance Camellia Mask
 Again I use this when having a pamper session, it works miracles i'm telling you.
EOS Lip Balm- Honeysuckle & Coconut
There's just something about these that are so cute but they are also super nourishing. I think this is the first year I haven't had cracked lips and it's all down to these.
Valentino Perfume- Valentina
Soap & Glory- The Righteous Butter
It's my everyday body butter, This is gorgeous and thick yet soaks into your skin fast. Plus you smell ahhmazing all day long.

I can't wait to start trying more products in 2016, I think my first new buys are going to be Kiehl's- Ultra Facial Cream, This Works- Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and Charlotte Tilbury- Magic Night Cream.

What are your 2016 must try products?

Fergie Rox

What I got for Christmas 2015

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This year I was really excited and ready for Christmas, I think the lead up to Christmas is my favourite part and I love trying to get people in the festive spirit. Usually I don't feel ready but this year I was in full festive mode, maybe it was because I now have my own house to decorate so I can make it into my very own festive grotto.
This year I was absolutely spoilt with gifts and I am so thankful for them and I can't believe how everyone knows me so well because every single gift I loved. 
Some of the gifts i've already started using because I couldn't help myself and most of the christmas chocolate i've gobbled up cause who doesn't at christmas. 

2015  Gifts
White company candles/Diffuser
Zara Vouchers
Ted Baker wash bag
Department store vouchers
The White Company vouchers
Lush sets
Soap and glory sets
NEOM set
White Company Pyjamas
Mugs and Interior decor
A gorgeous Tiffany Necklace

These are just some of the gifts I received this year and this is by no means bragging i'm just so grateful for everything I received and I personally love to see what everyone else got for Christmas so I thought I would do a post about what I got for Christmas 2015.
I hope everyone had a magical Christmas and a fun filled New year! 

Fergie Rox




So this may be a day late but I have been busy looking after my 2 little cousins and eating all the leftover food. (Who actually starts their health kick on the 1st, It starts the first monday in January doesn't it..... 
Plus I went to start writing this at 8pm last night and realised Sherlock was on, so then it was all about making a hot chocolate and getting cosy on the sofa. 

I am one of those people who make New Year resolutions every year, some are unrealistic, some are stupid and some I may just actually stick too. I like to make different kinds of resolutions some that will make me a better person, some that I think will make me a happier person, and some easy ones just so I can say I stuck to something. (I remember last year my stupid one was to make sure I only have chicken nuggets once per week. This was actually half stupid, half hard as Chicken Nuggets are my favourite food in the world. 

2016 New year's Resolutions

1) Every year I try and read a book a month, or 12 books throughout the year and keep a log of what books I read (I want to do this again).
 2) Try and save a little bit of money every month.
3) Eat less crisps (mainly wotsits) 
4) Start a Yoga class and be more active in general
5) Try and make any negative aspects of my life into a positive one and surround myself with positive people. 
6) Be in the now, be present and stop viewing life through a mobile phone. (There's nothing worse than being in a room with people who are constantly on their phones not paying attention to what's going on around them)
7) Have a digital detox 1 hour before bed every night
8) Blog more and be more creative with it
9) Use my Juicer even if it does take a lot of cleaning
10) Be grateful for what I have and don't take things for granted

Some of these resolutions I have every year, some I do but would like to do more. I know I won't stick to all of them religiously because it's life and you get carried away, but I like to make resolutions because I like to set myself up for a positive year and I hope to make the best out of it and shape myself into a better person. 

I hope you all have a happy, healthy 2016 
Make it an amazing one

Fergie Rox 

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