The White Company

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How does The White Company do it? How does it make nearly every person walking past go in and purchase/want to buy everything in the entire shop!
When walking through the City I try an avoid it as my bank balance can’t handle it.
My most recent purchase is their Bath Foam in the iconic Seychelles scent. I’m trying to use this sparingly, only for special occasions as not only does it make my Skin feel luxurious and me feel like a new Woman but it gives my Bathroom a little bit of “Je ne sais quoi”.

Now that it's pretty much Christmas I can start writing my list which usually has a couple of products on it:

    Fringe Clutch- Stone   

       I have been pretty good this year so maybe just maybe I may get one... Let me know in the comments what you're wishing for. 
At the moment there is 20% off and free delivery if you use voucher code AG833
Happy Shopping!!!
    Fergie xx

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