Better things and new beginnings

My little space on the Internet has been shown neglect for a couple of months, I didn't mean to but when big stressful things happen other things have to take a step back and this one was of them. I've been saying for the past month c'mon start writing again, find that motivation that you once had but when you have a full time job that is also a brand new one it's hard to take a couple of hours out and focus on a hobby that you love instead of working some extra hours in work or cleaning a Kitchen.

So tonight I washed my hair, fed my animals, made a cup of tea, plugged in my Laptop and started writing. 

So what has been keeping me from sitting down and reeling off my thoughts?
Here's a little catch up ...

I bought my very own apartment all by myself, yep thats right I now have bills to pay and a Kitchen to clean.... (I haven't managed to get my own cleaner just yet)
If you haven't bought a house then let me tell you, It's the most stressful thing I have ever done, it took about 3 months from me putting in an offer, to getting the keys. From the start it was papers upon papers upon stress upon stress. I had a headache everyday for 3 months (give or take) as soon as I got the keys my Headache was non existent.

At the same time my House was completing I also got a new Job.... (which is amazing I know but also stressful)
What do they say the 5 most stressful things are?? I'm sure moving and a new job are in there somewhere. 

So the last couple of months I have been in tatty clothes covered in paint, Paint in hair, paint on legs, paint on feet... paint everywhere! Things are starting to come together....

Once things finally settled down we found a Kitten that wasn't wanted and left out in the bushes, We took her in and have named her Xena (the warrior Princess). She's very photogenic I must say.

Roxie's getting used to the idea of living amongst a Cat, so far it's going well.... sometimes, only time will tell I guess.

 So for now I'm gonna wrap it up, and play with my 2 sleepy furbabies but I will be back with my favourites and I will be showing my little space on the Internet alotta love from now on!

Fergierox xx

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  1. Congratulations on your appartment! And how nice of you 'to adopt' Xena! I'm sure it will work out just fine with Roxie.

    1. Thank you! Hope your well! Thanks for following. Will have a little look at your blog now