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Are you a Mascara lover ?  This may be the one for you.....

Finding a new Mascara is one of the most difficult products to buy. They all claim to do amazing things for your Eyelashes, whether it's Curl, Lengthen, Thicken or everything you'd ever want in a mascara. Unfortunately what quite a lot of these Mascara's do is not all that very much.

The only way in finding that Mascara that does all the things you want, is to buy, buy and keep buying different brands with different type brushes until you find that one Mascara that you can't live without.

You will all be thinking now that I have found "The One" The One Mascara that does all the things you could ever imagine, but I haven't.  I've found a Mascara that curls your lashes but leaves them clumpy, and no girl wants clumpy lashes.

The best thing about this Mascara is the colour of the packaging and the curved shaped brush. I much prefer a natural bristle brush rather than a plastic wand. This mascara has a Plastic Wand so I knew I wasn't going to get on with it. I always find with a Plastic Wand they pick up too much product which is what causes the clumpiness on the lashes. However I sometimes find if I use a plastic wand first and then reapply with a bristle brush this combination is the best for making my lashes look volumized and individual as the bristle brush then soaks up the product that was left on my lashes.

This Mascara by all means isn't a bad product it just isn't 'The One' for me, so I will continue my search until I find the one that I cannot live without.

I bought mine from my local Boots and I think it was around £7.99, Why don't you go and purchase this and see if it does wonders for you?

Anna xx

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