Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation

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I have been after a High street Foundation since what seems like forever.  Ever since I made the discovery of NARS Sheer glow a couple of years back I wanted to try and find a cheaper alternative that replicates it for everyday work.

I think I finally have with Maybelline Dream Flawless. 
This Foundation goes on in a silk format as its fluid touch,  it is effortless to apply every morning and leaves your face feeling light with your skin being able to breath. It is buildable which is a very good thing as the only downside to this Foundation I feel is the coverage. The coverage for me isnt the best as I do have Freckles that I do try and conceal a little just to give me that flawless skin that so many of us are after. However with 3 light layers the coverage for everyday use is ideal for me. 

I think the Packaging is great as its a nice small bottle so it doesn't take up too much space in your Makeup bag, The only little flaw I think this has is the applicator. It is a plastic applicator with a drip tip. As its a very runny formula it can get a bit messy and it tends to drip quite a lot, and when you have white bedding and a white dressing gown and you tend to be a rather clumsy person, it doesn't work that well. 
This is a sister Foundation of Maybelline Dream Satin and I am much more impressed with this new formula as it's consistency is a lot finer and it sits much nicer on my skin. 

Maybelline Dream Flawless comes in 7 different shades so there isn't many, I just hope that for any of you reading this, there's a colour that will match your skin perfectly.
This can be found in many of your local High Street beauty stores. I got mine from Boots for just £8.99. Go get yours and have your own Flawless skin with a couple of layers and a good old buffing brush.

Anna xx

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