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Before you start reading this post let me tell you that there is no better place than to be standing in the middle of a Lush shop, picking out your favourite quirky products and scents that you know later will make that perfect luxurious Bath experience. 
Lush has to be one of my favourite places, the smell when walking past any Lush shop lures me in and once i'm in there's no stopping me, Especially when a certain celebration is coming up, whether it be Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day or Easter, the products are the best ever!

The few I have left are my favourites.
The Unicorn Horn is one of many of the Valentine's collection, I bought 5 of these to begin with and now i'm savouring this one for the right occasion. This bubble bar stands out from all the others just from the sheer beauty of it. The smell is deceiving, when I first got my hands on this I imagined a fruity candy smell just like Lush Rock Star however it's got a very gentle Lavender aroma that is very gentle and delicate on the skin.
"A French kiss" is one of the core products from Lush and this is one of the more relaxing one's.  As this is a Bubble Bar it doesnt fizz in the bath but creates soft bubbles that leave a calming aroma as it's full of Lavender and Rosemary that leave your skin feeling soft and silky.

Hoppity Poppity is from the Easter range as you can most probably tell. This is a very Fresh and Citrus smelling bomb that leaves your bath creamy and your skin soft. Even though this does have hints of Lavender in I like this one for the morning time as it leaves you feeling upbeat. 

The cost of each Bubble Bar or Bomb can cost from around £2.95 all the way up to £7, Which can be a little pricey if you want a good selection however they are totally worth it. Some you may try and not like so much and others you'll fall in love with and will want to re purchase again and again. The down side to this is if your favourite product only comes in to stores for a couple of weeks every year you'll be waiting and waiting for them to come back to you, Just like me.......I'm waiting for Christmas already!!!

Anna xx


Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation

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I have been after a High street Foundation since what seems like forever.  Ever since I made the discovery of NARS Sheer glow a couple of years back I wanted to try and find a cheaper alternative that replicates it for everyday work.

I think I finally have with Maybelline Dream Flawless. 
This Foundation goes on in a silk format as its fluid touch,  it is effortless to apply every morning and leaves your face feeling light with your skin being able to breath. It is buildable which is a very good thing as the only downside to this Foundation I feel is the coverage. The coverage for me isnt the best as I do have Freckles that I do try and conceal a little just to give me that flawless skin that so many of us are after. However with 3 light layers the coverage for everyday use is ideal for me. 

I think the Packaging is great as its a nice small bottle so it doesn't take up too much space in your Makeup bag, The only little flaw I think this has is the applicator. It is a plastic applicator with a drip tip. As its a very runny formula it can get a bit messy and it tends to drip quite a lot, and when you have white bedding and a white dressing gown and you tend to be a rather clumsy person, it doesn't work that well. 
This is a sister Foundation of Maybelline Dream Satin and I am much more impressed with this new formula as it's consistency is a lot finer and it sits much nicer on my skin. 

Maybelline Dream Flawless comes in 7 different shades so there isn't many, I just hope that for any of you reading this, there's a colour that will match your skin perfectly.
This can be found in many of your local High Street beauty stores. I got mine from Boots for just £8.99. Go get yours and have your own Flawless skin with a couple of layers and a good old buffing brush.

Anna xx



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Are you a Mascara lover ?  This may be the one for you.....

Finding a new Mascara is one of the most difficult products to buy. They all claim to do amazing things for your Eyelashes, whether it's Curl, Lengthen, Thicken or everything you'd ever want in a mascara. Unfortunately what quite a lot of these Mascara's do is not all that very much.

The only way in finding that Mascara that does all the things you want, is to buy, buy and keep buying different brands with different type brushes until you find that one Mascara that you can't live without.

You will all be thinking now that I have found "The One" The One Mascara that does all the things you could ever imagine, but I haven't.  I've found a Mascara that curls your lashes but leaves them clumpy, and no girl wants clumpy lashes.

The best thing about this Mascara is the colour of the packaging and the curved shaped brush. I much prefer a natural bristle brush rather than a plastic wand. This mascara has a Plastic Wand so I knew I wasn't going to get on with it. I always find with a Plastic Wand they pick up too much product which is what causes the clumpiness on the lashes. However I sometimes find if I use a plastic wand first and then reapply with a bristle brush this combination is the best for making my lashes look volumized and individual as the bristle brush then soaks up the product that was left on my lashes.

This Mascara by all means isn't a bad product it just isn't 'The One' for me, so I will continue my search until I find the one that I cannot live without.

I bought mine from my local Boots and I think it was around £7.99, Why don't you go and purchase this and see if it does wonders for you?

Anna xx

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Liz Earle- Cleanse and Polish

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Praise Liz Earle Cleanse and polish.
This is always my go to when I'm needing a deep cleanse especially when I've had a day of wearing quite a heavy make up look.
It breaks down your Makeup like no other and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and fresh. I usually do a double cleanse with this as I use it the first time to take off all my Make up and the second time just to really cleanse deep into my skin.

Liz Earle are currently celebrating 20 years and have brought out a Limited Edition Beauty Trio that is retailing at £50. This consists of 3 100ml cleanse and polish cleansers in the fragrances- Rose and Lavender, Grapefruit and Patchouli and Orange Flower and Chamomile.
You can buy Liz Earle here from the UK website or from other retailers including John Lewis and Boots.
Go get your little bit of bliss for the spring nights ahead.

(This picture is taken of Liz Earle site)

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