Garnier Micelluar Water

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I have been wanting a Micellar Water for a while now, Just to try and see how I find it. I was always going to buy Bioderma but it was just one of those products that I never got round to purchasing. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a Micelluar Water as I didn't know whether I would like just taking off my Make up with a product and not having to use Water to remove my Make-up. (There's a lot to be said about feeling a lot cleaner using Water to remove product).
When I was in my local Asda I saw this Garnier Cleanser and popped it in my basket, I'd heard a lot of brilliant reviews about it on other Beauty Bloggers Websites, and that was it we have been friends ever since.
I didn't have any expectations of this product as it was a £4 buy so if it wasn't great there wasn't a huge dent in my bank account, but it really is brilliant!

My First Impression

I applied a couple of squirts to a cotton pad until it was soaked through and then placed it on my Eye Make up, gently removing my eye make up from inside my eyes to out. I was surprised at how quickly my make up was coming off. After my eyes I used 1 more cotton pad to remove my Skin Make-up and again in one gentle stroke my Skin Make-up was off.
The one thing I was worried about was the formulation and not having to use water to remove my Make-up however due to how light the formulation of the product was this was not a problem at all.

After using this product now for 2 weeks, My Make-up comes off a treat even if I have been wearing alot of Make-up all you may need is an extra Cotton Pad. I haven't seen any benefits to my complexion,  just clean skin without any blemishes or any breakouts. This product doesn't have a smell to it but I find it very refreshing on the skin. For £4 I really do think this is a must have especially if maybe you love Face wipes instead of actual Bottle Cleansers. It's also a great option for people who don't have the time to cleanse, tone and moisturise but wish they did.

You can buy this product in most places I bought mine from my local supermarket however I know at the moment in boots its on Offer so grab it whilst you can. > Garnier Micelluar Water
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