Did I stick to all 2014 New year Resolutions?

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Every Year when I get my new Diary I write down the things I accomplished in the past year and the things I want to accomplish in the New year, with this I also write down what I got for the christmas just gone and my New Years resolutions for the coming year.
Looking back on my Last years resolutions there wasn't anything huge to accomplish, just little things that I thought "maybe I can actually do these".

They went something like this...

  1. Only eat Chicken Nuggets 1x per week
  2. Don't gameplay!
  3. Stay under 9 stone but above 8stone.7lbs
  4. Be happy and don't take anyone for granted whilst telling people how much they mean to you.
  5. Know if my career is the path I want to take.
These are random I know but there is reasons behind all,  
  1. Chicken nuggets were and are still my favourite part of a meal and the year before last all I ate was Chicken Nuggets, So even though this sounds like a small thing and it was, but for me to turn down these glorious things was a hard task.
  2. Dont game play- I used to be a real nuisance for not saying how I felt or for not ever expressing my feelings, This im still struggling with but I now tell people what I feel a little more instead of just say Mmm-hh.
  3. I used to care a lot about my weight when I was younger always saying i'm going on this regime or another. But looking back now there wasn't any need as I can eat pretty much what I want and get away with it, this I know will one day bite me on the bum but for now whilst I can I may as well enjoy it.  I do eat pretty healthy anyway but if I want a take away I'm gonna have that take away. All I set myself was to stay under 9 stone but over 8.7.

The rest are pretty self explanatory but for the first year ever I think I have completed all resolutions and its a pretty nice feeling.

My 2015 resolutions are on their way, i'm taking the same stance on them as I did last year. 
my next blog post will be all about these ones,
See you soon. 

Anna xx

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