2015 New Year Resolutions

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This year I decided I wanted my New Years Resolutions to be making a better me both Physically and Mentally.

So then it was a case of figuring out how I was going to do this, without making unrealistic goals that I am never going to keep.

The first part of this big Resolution is the Physical Part.
I've always said my happy weight is between 8.7 and 9 stone, However i've realised that this could be 9 stones worth of fat or 9 stones worth of muscle, This is what I need to change! Having a full time job makes it hard to exercise as when I get in from work all I want to do is walk my dog, eat then either watch youtube videos, tv or read my book. Then before you know it its Friday night and I'm getting ready to go out all weekend and then its Monday, then before you know it a year has past cause you've never changed your pattern of thought. This is what I'm changing this year.  I know I will not go to the gym as i've failed so many times in the past so instead of going to the gym for a run, As soon as I come in from work and walk my dog instead of walking her I will run with her. I also want to take up Yoga, again I know I won't get to a Yoga class, so instead I will be be doing Yoga with Adriene on her youtube channel.

I am also going to add into my life a lot more Green Smoothies as I drink smoothies all the time but they are mostly fruit based, so I am going to bite the bullet and buy some seeds and super food powders to go into these. I already have a Nutri bullet so there are no excuses really.

The second part is the Mental part.
This is more about my attitude to life so the main thing that really annoys me is putting things off, and I am the worst at this. So instead of hoping and waiting that things will work out and instead of relying on the saying "things happen for a reason" and "what will be will be" I'm going to make a New year saying of "just do it" and "do it now, not tomorrow".

With doing exercise and some new Green Smoothies I'm sure that my energy levels will increase so this means I wont be too tired to just "do it now"!!!

My other Resolutions don't need any explanation these are...

3) Travel to more Cities
4) Go Skiing (even if it has to only be a dry Ski Slope)
5)Be Happy

Let me know all of your resolutions and if you have any Green Smoothie Recipes.


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