A little bit of nail time

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Throughout my University days, I used to 'treat myself' and go get my nails done in a quiet little nail salon in Islington, London. What I didn't thoroughly understand though was that even though I was treating myself my actual nails were being put through hell. After 1 solid year of always wearing Gel tips I finally took them off and was shocked at the disgrace of what I had been putting my nails through.

My nails were soft, weak, flakey and they just would not grow. It took me a while to get used to not having strong nails and them just breaking so easily. I decided to go to boots and purchase 'O.P.I Nail envy' Now this stuff isn't cheap, I think it cost me around £25 but after 6 months of using this several times a week, my nails are now back to normal and stronger than ever and I still have a 3rd of the pot left.

This is just a normal nail polish, I think of it like a base coat, so I apply this every time before I put on my colour of choice. It dries within 60 seconds so you don't have to be sitting around doing nothing waiting for it to dry, with the likeliness of then smudging your colour coat.

If anyone is looking for a solution to weak, brittle nails, Nail Envy is definitely an investment product, and I think when mine runs out I will be purchasing this again just to make sure my Nails stay strong so walking the dog or washing the dishes doesn't get in the way.
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