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I finally did it!
After all the hard work that was Univeristy I managed to graduate with a 2.1 in Fashion Marketing, (Do a little dance). I also got a new job, an amazing first job as an Assistant Fashion buyer for Very.co.uk, with this however it meant I had to do abit more moving home.

So I packed up my house in London and moved back home to Chester in the North west. I didnt want to leave London but this Job opportunity was hard to resist. In September last year I was back to being a "Northener" and was struggling to get used to working full time hours (I still am).

With full time hours and a puppy to walk every night when I got in at 6, meant my blog took a real turn for the worse. It's now May, a whole 9 months later I realised I really miss writng, I forgot how much I loved it and how much I loved reviewing new products. Now that my body can cope with early starts and later nights, This blog is now my Priority, well... and Roxie Poodle of course.

Since I am now no longer a Londoner, I have had to change my blog title and URL. So now incase I move again, it is just called Fergie diaries, this way no matter where I move you'll always know how to find me.

Fergie xo
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