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I thought I would write a review about this The Body Shop- Dreams Moisturiser because honestly it is the best product I have used in a long time. 

I know we are only 20 days into 2013 but this is my most impressive new product so far. 
I usually am an avid Palmers Coco Butter Girl, however I think due to over use of it my skin got used to it and it didn't seem to work as well anymore. So I decided to take a break from It and use this and it has worked wonders in no time at all. Now I'm wondering if Palmers ever worked this well. ( I forget) 
 I know that The Body Shop do amazing other moisturisers so maybe I will test some new ones out and hope that the moisturising qualities are there they like are in this one. 
I got mine on a 50% offer and I know that when I went into The Body Shop 2 days ago the sale was still on. They usually retail at around £13 but I got this one for £6.50. 

I have nearly run out of it and to be honest I havnt had it that long which is the only downside to it because obviously when the sale does end £13 every 2 weeks or so is just not going to happen. But if you have got the spare £6.50 to spend for the time being head on into your local body shop you won't be disappointed. 
You can also buy online as I recently got sent an email with new offers on. Just go to The Body Shop and spend away.

Happy Shopping!
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