The best Beauty Products of 2012

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Benefit- That GAL Brightening face Primer
Being completely honest I never used to use Primer I didn't really think it was going to do what it said on the packet, But I wish for once that I had listened because my Make up has stayed on better than ever. I kept complaining that my foundations never lasted me the whole day and all this time it was because I wasn't using it. Now, maybe some Primers aren't great and yes I did start with a good one, but Benefit has got me good. I have only got a sample left now cause I have used it all up hence the small one below.

Dior Forever Foundation
This Foundation has done me well in 2012, I think since I first bought it, I have re-bought it 3 times, however I now feel it is time for a new one. Not because it isn't amazing I'm just ready for a change. It goes on like a dream and it stays on for the remainder of my day, with or without primer. It is on the pricey side at £28 but it lasts me around 6 months so put that into perspective.

Clarins Instant Lip Perfecter
The reasoning in me getting this was due to all the rave reviews and I was ready for a change. I haven't had this for that long but I have been using it everyday since I have bought it and now I cannot live without it. It goes on like a gem and tastes and smells delicious. I have it in shade 02 which is a nice pinky colour. Another brilliant factor of this product is that you can wear it alone if your having a more natural day in the make up department, or you can layer it over your favourite high volume Lip stick. It is £16 so it isn't the cheapest of lip products I have. However it is a balm and a gloss in one and it really does make your lips visibly beautiful.

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch
Now I know I have already mentioned Benefit Primer however I started to use Clarins Instant Smooth perfecting touch as I had come to the end of my Benefit one and I wanted a change. I had heard amazing reviews over this Primer on You tube and via magazines that I wished for it, and I got it. Let me just say that the reviews were true and I don't think I will ever use a different Primer again. That being said it is £36 which is pretty damn pricey especially as it is only a 20 ml pot. I did however weigh up the pro's and con's of it and the only one was the price, and even that I found an answer to.

Bobby Brown Brows
Now this I actually do not own but I wish I did. It is my Flat mates and I always ask her if I can borrow it. I have the most wonkiest of eyebrows ever, through no fault of my own (may I add). This gives me full brows with a great arch and I can kind of make my brows look the same with this. It is one part cream and one part colour, one defines the arch and one part adds fullness. It really is the most amazing product ever. My Flat Mate Holly, has it in shade Saddle/ Mahogany and this is the perfect colour for dark but natural brows. It retails at approximately £27 which isn't too bad considering you only use a tiny amount per day. I will get this sometime this week im sure cause blogging about it now is making me want to hop on the tube and go pick it up from Selfridges.

Bourjois Eye shadows
This set of 3 is my best friend. I havent been able to find the actual set again as I bought it in a Duty free section on my way home from St Tropez but I have been able to buy the individual colours of them since. They last me the whole day without wearing an eye shadow primer and they go on very easily without the need to cake yourself in them. These 3 Eye shadows are my day shades and I have used them everyday throughout 2012. I would definitely take the time in scouring the internet for these particular shades. They usually retail individually at £6.50 so thats around £19 but they are very large in comparison to the small sets you would usually get from elsewhere so they are definitely an investment.

Bourjois Mascara
I have got 6 empty tubes of this Mascara which I have just recently thrown out. It is my favourite mascara of all time. I already have very curly lashes of a average length but this mascara just seems to turn them into long full thick healthy looking lashes. If you like your Mascara to look very natural and fine then this is not the Mascara for you. But if like me you like volume all the time, then go get your paws on this, at a retail price of £9 you can't help say yes.

Benefit High Beam Highlighter
I started wearing a highlighter in the Summer months however it was the Fake Benefit one I think. After 2 weeks I through it out and invested in the real deal. I am so glad I did this because the difference in the fake to the real one is crazy. This stays on for the whole day and glistens all day long. It really does open up my eyes and makes them look bigger whilst giving my eyebrows the arch they desire.

My own Photo's are the ones with the green background, the others however are not due to me not having any of that product left. The rights remain with the brand name.
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