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So as you probably know, I had a wants and desires list that basically consisted of the Products I had my heart set on getting. I can now say I am a proud owner to not all, but a few of these Items.
My weekend started by getting up and going to work, only for 4 hours though so I cannot complain, (especially after my spending spree I had afterwards).
I wrote a list of what I wanted to buy today and aimed at getting into Central London for around 5 ish. You see at this time the Tourists and hardcore Shoppers are getting hunger pains due to shopping frantically all day and are now ready to have a good feast and replenish all that energy they lost whilst spending money. So to me this is a perfect time to pick up a few goodies without the Saturday shopping stress a Londoner has.

Here are all my goodies for you to see.

I started off getting the Tube from my Home to Knightsbridge, (this only takes around 20 minutes or so). My first stop was Harvey Nicols, from here I had planned to buy only NARS Sheer glow Foundation and MAC Lustre drops. Maybe if I was in one of them spending moods I would have got the Urban Decay Palette 2 that I want so much.
First counter was MAC, I went straight in for the Lustre Drops. I had it in hand and was heading for the next counter when a Lady comes over and asks if I want anything else. The long and short of this being that I came out of MAC with, Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel, A Paint Pot in colour Indian Wood and MAC Cremeblend Brush in colour Lady Blush.

I then headed over to NARS! Now NARS Sheer Glow Foundation was the main reason for this shopping trip, and due to a lovely £25 voucher from my Cousin for Christmas it was a very good reason indeed.
Once the Lady knew I was after a colour match she asked if she could take all previous applied Make-up off and re-do it all. I knew this was a bad idea as soon as she said it because not only did I come away from that counter having bought my Foundation in shade Fiji, I also came way with NARS Bronzer in shade Laguna, and a Lipstick by Lipstick Queen in the shade Bare Nude.

After my credit card probably wanting to disown me by now I headed out down Brompton Road to H&M where I picked up 2 tops, both of which are the same however I got the cream one shown below in a size Large and the burgundy one in a size small. Both these tops I love they are simple yet due to the top detailing they are ideal for wearing on a night out with the right bottoms. The reasoning in my buying both Tops but in different sizes is because the difference it makes having a baggy to tight top is ridiculous and can totally transform an outfit.
For day time I am going to team these with either my Black Topshop skinny Jeans or my Zara Black or Khai pleated Trousers.  I also bought a plain Black cropped Jumper that I just couldn't put down as it was on sale for £5 and if any of you know me well enough you will know that I love all Jumpers and a Black Crop is never going to just be sitting in my Wardrobe.

 Black Crop Jumper £5

 Cream T-Shirt with sheer fabric £7.99

Burgundy T-Shirt with sheer fabric £7.99

I then was on route to Zara. Zara is my favourite High Street Shop ever! I always can manage to find 1 or 2 things that I love at all times and I think that the styles are so classic, timeless and that most garments look expensive. With that in mind, I have had my eyes set on this Black Office City Bag for a while now and this one Item I did expect to buy today, and with sheer luck I got the last one in store.
I absolutely love this bag even more now I have brought it home. It has compartment after compartment and it just looks expensive. Every compartment is padded so the bag will not loose its structure. The lining of this bag is also a reason in me loving it so much as it is Burgundy which is my favourite colour and I just think it gives the bag more character. It has gold hardware on the zips and studs whilst the handle is plain black. Another pro of this bag is that it has an extra strap so the bag can become a messenger bag as well. 2 bags in 1, what more can you ask for, and with a price of £49.99 there is no saying no.


Finally I walked, ( yes walked ) all the way from Knightsbridge to Marble Arch to go to Boots as I needed to pick up a new Lip Liner to go with my new Lip Stick. So I picked up Rimmel Colour 306 East End Snob. Which is a lovely warm Pink colour that blends brilliantly with my Lip Stick. This retails at only £3.99 which is a bargin. 

All in all it was a very good shopping day, and I now have a few things checked off my wants and desires list with also maybe a few new products to add to the tried and tested list. 
I will give you all an update on how I find the Products, HOPEFULLY, This update could be on my You Tube Channel as I am trying to get that started properly. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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