Puppy Count Down ....

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So it is just over a week until my baby Puppy comes home with me.

If you have been reading my previous Blogs you will have seen pictures of her.
She is a Toy Poodle and I have named her Roxie, and she is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. 
Puppy Preparations are already underway, so far I have bought her a Puppy cage, just until she is old enough to realize my shoes are not to be chewed, and I have also bought her a travel carrier and Training Puppy Pads. 

Ive got my eyes set on the Harness I want to buy her with matching lead and collar, however I haven't bought these yet as she is too small to wear them and I don't know sizing she is.

Ive decided that I am going to run a page off my main Blog called the Puppy Diaries and here there will be updates of Roxie and all the goings on in a life of a Puppy living with 3 girls who are going to spoil her rotten. 

If any of you have any recommendations on how best to train a Puppy then please let me know cause I would really appreciate all your comments. Also feel free to send me Puppy Photo's or any Photo's of animals as I spend most of my time gawping at Cuteness. This is usually a form of Procrastination from doing University work.  

Here are just some Photos of the little Cutie I have so far.

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