A fake Cinema date

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The start of January for me and my friends means Beccat's birthday. It usually involves her telling us she doesn't want to do anything and everyone is poor so it doesnt matter. 
This year 2013 came along with a Becca saying " I don't know what I want to do, lets just do something small"! 
We went along with what she was saying yet secretly knew that her Mum had been organising a surprise birthday party for her Daughters 21st.
With her thinking she was going to have a normal night in with a quiet cinema trip she was yet to know that all her best friends were hiding in her kitchen waiting for her to walk through the door. 

In my eyes a 21st birthday is a "Big One" so I decided I would get it on camera so she could remember the shock and excitement.  One minute of video recording went by, then two then three, With still no sign of Beccat I realised that this video wasn't the video I had in mind to show her. 7 minutes went by until she decided to finally make her appearance.
 A surprised Becca finally spoke, shocked and amazed with her legs physically shaking I can honestly say it was a moment that was well worth the 23 % loss of battery on my phone due to video recording a plain white glass door for 7 minutes.

We toasted her Birthday knocking back Champers whilst munching on left over celebrations from christmas.

It was followed by watching her open endless birthday presents and continuous "Oh my god, thank you so much"

After hours of chatter and many a glass of fizz, food was served (along with more fizz) and the cutting of her Birthday cake!

 It ended with a spontaneous of lets just go out at 2am, we carried on until the sun was rising and the birds were singing.

 All in all a very good and surprising night for Becca. 

Happy 21st Birthday!!!

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