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When I started the New Year I wrote in my Diary the things that I would like to get and review in 2013. I wrote them down most probably due to hearing great reviews or just genuinely wanting them.
I know some of you will be thinking it has just been Christmas however I never ask for Make up as I feel it isn't much of a present and I like the surprise. 
So here is my 2013 wants and desires. 

  • MAC Lustre Drops - I have heard great reviews on this product and I am always after a product to illuminate my skin and I think I may have finally found the one. I have tested this product in MAC and I was very pleased with the result. For £17.50 some may say that it is on the expensive side however you only need a tiny amount therefore it will last you for several months.
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 - I have already got the Original Naked Palette and love it, but I prefer the shades in the updated version so I plan on investing in this. The Original Palette ,don't get me wrong is amazing, but every colour in the updated Palette screams me, so it is a must buy. It does retail on the high side at £36.00 but I know that it is worth it.
  • Benefit Brow Zings- I have previously mentioned in recent posts that my Flat mate has this and I always nick it off her. It retails at £22.50 so January 2013 I will have my own, I promise Holly.
  • NARS Foundation- Sheer Matte- The reviews I have heard about this have been incredible and luckily for Christmas I got a lovely £25 voucher for Selfridges from my Cousin and his Wife so in the next week You can find me purchasing this. It retails at £29.50 so now that's only £4.50 for me to pay.
  • Real Techniques Make Up Brushes Core collection set by Samantha Chapman. I have already got the Starter set collection  and think the brushes are amazing. They make my Make-up go on very easily and blend my Make up especially when Contouring. Therefore I would love to get better acquainted  with the Core range.
  • Black Zara Bag- Most people have been buying the Black Bucket Bag from Zara and I absolutely love it but due to popular demand of this bag it has gone down in my eyes. I have since found this Office City Bag in Zara which I have fell in love with. Ive recently been given a cheeky Tax rebate so this is the first thing in my list to buy. I love free money, ( or what feels like it).
  • Perfect Legs Skin Miracle I first heard about this through You Tube Bloggers and liked the Idea of it but before I could grab it my Friend came home with it and told me all about this new Leg shine moisturizing "thing" as I recall. We wore it to our Christmas Party and I really found my legs looked and felt a lot smoother giving my tan an instant glow and I'm sure it made my legs look more defined and slimmer.   
  •  Benefit- They're Real Mascara- Now I am actually cheating a bit here as I have already bought this product. I bought it today yet haven't used it. The reviews on this have been amazing and it has been voted the best Mascara of 2012. I bought it for £18.50 from my local Benefit in Angel, London, and I am so excited to wake up tomorrow morning and use it.
I have recently come into a little bit of free money as I like to call it so maybe I will be buying a few of these at the same time, As soon as I do I will give you a Blog update about my loves, likes and dislikes. 
As you are probably aware I have linked all these products for you, so If you are wanting to buy them I have made it nice and easy for you. Happy shopping Bloggers. 
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