2012 In Nail Polishes

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During 2012 many colours came into contact with my Finger nails however these were the ones that were wore the most and are the best quality. 
It is quite likely that I have re-bought the product again. Or I have found a shade that I love and I have bought a better quality make. 

I started off 2012 wearing the Burgundy Berry colour, like I said I have re bought this colour so many times but if I can remember correctly I was wearing the Number 17 Berry shade.

When the Sun finally did come out, Pastel shades hit the runway and us Fashionsta's put the Pastels to our Nails. In my case with a Lilac from Barry M! 

June came and for me it was Holiday Season, When on Holiday I like to get a new Nail Varnish colour usually one that is going to enhance my non existent tan. For this I bought ESSIE duck egg blue. I absolutely love this nail polish, it dries so quick and is a really fun and vibrant Colour to have on in the  Summer months. 

Once Autumn hit it was back to the deep Berry shades this time however I opted for Rimmel Lasting finish as I love the size brush in this range.  With Metallics being a must have in Autumn I also went for the Silver Metallic Foil by Barry M. To be honest with you, I'm not big on the Metallic Nails, I think it is due to my Skin colouring I just feel that it washes my hand colouring out. However with the right outfit, the outfit most probably involving a bit of Leather or Velvet, Metallic Nails rock!

An all year favourite for me is Nude, As I generally wear Black and Tan, Nude Nails for me are a Staple, I always buy the Revlon 368 shade. With Nude being a very soft colour, many Nail Varnish brands in this colour can not seem to get the right pigment which means we have to do all the hard work. This involves waiting hours for the 5 coats of Nail varnish to dry, But not with this one, 2 layers and your good to go. 

I started off the New Year with my Rimmel Lasting Finish in Berry covered in a Layer of Glitter. (Somethings never change)
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