Puppy Update

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If you have been reading my previous posts, you will know that I am soon to become a "Puppy Momma"
And if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will also know / maybe be a little bit sick of me going on and on about how excited I am to get her.
She is A Toy Poodle and I have named her Roxie and she is the cutest, fluffiest beauty I've seen. 
I was supposed to be getting her on January the 29th which is this Tuesday coming, however there was a change in dates due to Vet checks and what not and now I can bring her home, wait for it........
On Saturday! 
3 days earlier than expected.
This may not be that many days, but when you have been waiting since the 2nd on January to get her and bring her home it's a big thing.
Due to me living in London, I am having to go back to Liverpool for a few days to pick her up, which means missing a few things Ive got going on here. However everything can be put aside for Puppy day!
The Breeder gives me updates every week in a Photo, and this photo was titled the final update, which made me sad a little but then I soon realized this was due to me actually having her in less than a week. 
I have 5 sleeps to go or 4 days which ever way you want to look at it, which hopefully goes super fast. However in this time I have got a lot of University work to be cracking on with that isn't going great I must be honest, hence the reason I am writing this now when I should be doing my Literature Review but hey what will be will be, right..... ?


The Body Shop Review

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I thought I would write a review about this The Body Shop- Dreams Moisturiser because honestly it is the best product I have used in a long time. 

I know we are only 20 days into 2013 but this is my most impressive new product so far. 
I usually am an avid Palmers Coco Butter Girl, however I think due to over use of it my skin got used to it and it didn't seem to work as well anymore. So I decided to take a break from It and use this and it has worked wonders in no time at all. Now I'm wondering if Palmers ever worked this well. ( I forget) 
 I know that The Body Shop do amazing other moisturisers so maybe I will test some new ones out and hope that the moisturising qualities are there they like are in this one. 
I got mine on a 50% offer and I know that when I went into The Body Shop 2 days ago the sale was still on. They usually retail at around £13 but I got this one for £6.50. 

I have nearly run out of it and to be honest I havnt had it that long which is the only downside to it because obviously when the sale does end £13 every 2 weeks or so is just not going to happen. But if you have got the spare £6.50 to spend for the time being head on into your local body shop you won't be disappointed. 
You can also buy online as I recently got sent an email with new offers on. Just go to The Body Shop and spend away.

Happy Shopping!

Puppy Count Down ....

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So it is just over a week until my baby Puppy comes home with me.

If you have been reading my previous Blogs you will have seen pictures of her.
She is a Toy Poodle and I have named her Roxie, and she is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. 
Puppy Preparations are already underway, so far I have bought her a Puppy cage, just until she is old enough to realize my shoes are not to be chewed, and I have also bought her a travel carrier and Training Puppy Pads. 

Ive got my eyes set on the Harness I want to buy her with matching lead and collar, however I haven't bought these yet as she is too small to wear them and I don't know sizing she is.

Ive decided that I am going to run a page off my main Blog called the Puppy Diaries and here there will be updates of Roxie and all the goings on in a life of a Puppy living with 3 girls who are going to spoil her rotten. 

If any of you have any recommendations on how best to train a Puppy then please let me know cause I would really appreciate all your comments. Also feel free to send me Puppy Photo's or any Photo's of animals as I spend most of my time gawping at Cuteness. This is usually a form of Procrastination from doing University work.  

Here are just some Photos of the little Cutie I have so far.


OOTD- Lectures then work

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I don't usually do this, as I don't really like taking photo's of myself and then posting, however I thought I would  "man-up" and start doing Out Fit of the Day Posts.

Today has been a boring day I had a University Lecture in the morning for 2 hours and then had half an hour to get from University to Work which takes a good half hour. So lets just say it was a rush and I knew I wouldn't have time to get changed fully. So today I went for Black skinny jeans with a subtle crocodile print on them (These were from H&M). I also wore plain Black long sleeve Top and my Trustworthy Burgundy Converse. I styled this with my Black Topshop Leather Jacket, a Tan Belt from H&M and my new Black Zara Bag.  
I work in a Gym so I obviously couldn't wear Black Crocodile print Jeans for inducting people into a Gym so I just changed my Jeans for some Plain Black Nike Jogging Trousers. 


Benefit- Theyr'e Real Review

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So like I told all you readers previously I went out and bought Benefit - They're Real Mascara. The reasoning in me buying this Product was due to all you lovely You Tube Bloggers reviews on it and also the Magazine reviews. 
I was very reluctant to buying this in 2012 as my love for Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara won every time especially when it was on offer in Boots for 3 for 2!

I took the plunge last week and finally bought it, I gave it 1 week before writing a review for it as all products deserve at least a week to work there magic.

At the beginning of the week I was not very impressed with this, It wasn't really giving my eyes that much volume and the length just wasn't there. However as the days went by this just got better and better for me. The volume came and with that the length increased as well.  I don't know whether this was due to me putting more on or me just taking my time in applying but my Lashes were starting to look better. 
I found that this Mascara defined every individual lash and in doing so gave me volume and I also found that even though I do apply it rather heavy it was really easy to wash off with my cleansing lotion however with just water it wouldn't budge.

My favourite thing about this Mascara is the Brush! It is a Plastic brush and at the tip of the Brush it also has brissels so you can really get into the corners of your lashes which is brilliant as I always find that sometimes I miss them out as I can't get to them.

Over all, I am loving using this product and will keep enjoying it whilst it lasts, However for £18.50 I do not know if it is worth the money and if I will re buy it. 

Shopping Haul on a Blog

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So as you probably know, I had a wants and desires list that basically consisted of the Products I had my heart set on getting. I can now say I am a proud owner to not all, but a few of these Items.
My weekend started by getting up and going to work, only for 4 hours though so I cannot complain, (especially after my spending spree I had afterwards).
I wrote a list of what I wanted to buy today and aimed at getting into Central London for around 5 ish. You see at this time the Tourists and hardcore Shoppers are getting hunger pains due to shopping frantically all day and are now ready to have a good feast and replenish all that energy they lost whilst spending money. So to me this is a perfect time to pick up a few goodies without the Saturday shopping stress a Londoner has.

Here are all my goodies for you to see.

I started off getting the Tube from my Home to Knightsbridge, (this only takes around 20 minutes or so). My first stop was Harvey Nicols, from here I had planned to buy only NARS Sheer glow Foundation and MAC Lustre drops. Maybe if I was in one of them spending moods I would have got the Urban Decay Palette 2 that I want so much.
First counter was MAC, I went straight in for the Lustre Drops. I had it in hand and was heading for the next counter when a Lady comes over and asks if I want anything else. The long and short of this being that I came out of MAC with, Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel, A Paint Pot in colour Indian Wood and MAC Cremeblend Brush in colour Lady Blush.

I then headed over to NARS! Now NARS Sheer Glow Foundation was the main reason for this shopping trip, and due to a lovely £25 voucher from my Cousin for Christmas it was a very good reason indeed.
Once the Lady knew I was after a colour match she asked if she could take all previous applied Make-up off and re-do it all. I knew this was a bad idea as soon as she said it because not only did I come away from that counter having bought my Foundation in shade Fiji, I also came way with NARS Bronzer in shade Laguna, and a Lipstick by Lipstick Queen in the shade Bare Nude.

After my credit card probably wanting to disown me by now I headed out down Brompton Road to H&M where I picked up 2 tops, both of which are the same however I got the cream one shown below in a size Large and the burgundy one in a size small. Both these tops I love they are simple yet due to the top detailing they are ideal for wearing on a night out with the right bottoms. The reasoning in my buying both Tops but in different sizes is because the difference it makes having a baggy to tight top is ridiculous and can totally transform an outfit.
For day time I am going to team these with either my Black Topshop skinny Jeans or my Zara Black or Khai pleated Trousers.  I also bought a plain Black cropped Jumper that I just couldn't put down as it was on sale for £5 and if any of you know me well enough you will know that I love all Jumpers and a Black Crop is never going to just be sitting in my Wardrobe.

 Black Crop Jumper £5

 Cream T-Shirt with sheer fabric £7.99

Burgundy T-Shirt with sheer fabric £7.99

I then was on route to Zara. Zara is my favourite High Street Shop ever! I always can manage to find 1 or 2 things that I love at all times and I think that the styles are so classic, timeless and that most garments look expensive. With that in mind, I have had my eyes set on this Black Office City Bag for a while now and this one Item I did expect to buy today, and with sheer luck I got the last one in store.
I absolutely love this bag even more now I have brought it home. It has compartment after compartment and it just looks expensive. Every compartment is padded so the bag will not loose its structure. The lining of this bag is also a reason in me loving it so much as it is Burgundy which is my favourite colour and I just think it gives the bag more character. It has gold hardware on the zips and studs whilst the handle is plain black. Another pro of this bag is that it has an extra strap so the bag can become a messenger bag as well. 2 bags in 1, what more can you ask for, and with a price of £49.99 there is no saying no.


Finally I walked, ( yes walked ) all the way from Knightsbridge to Marble Arch to go to Boots as I needed to pick up a new Lip Liner to go with my new Lip Stick. So I picked up Rimmel Colour 306 East End Snob. Which is a lovely warm Pink colour that blends brilliantly with my Lip Stick. This retails at only £3.99 which is a bargin. 

All in all it was a very good shopping day, and I now have a few things checked off my wants and desires list with also maybe a few new products to add to the tried and tested list. 
I will give you all an update on how I find the Products, HOPEFULLY, This update could be on my You Tube Channel as I am trying to get that started properly. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.


2012 In Nail Polishes

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During 2012 many colours came into contact with my Finger nails however these were the ones that were wore the most and are the best quality. 
It is quite likely that I have re-bought the product again. Or I have found a shade that I love and I have bought a better quality make. 

I started off 2012 wearing the Burgundy Berry colour, like I said I have re bought this colour so many times but if I can remember correctly I was wearing the Number 17 Berry shade.

When the Sun finally did come out, Pastel shades hit the runway and us Fashionsta's put the Pastels to our Nails. In my case with a Lilac from Barry M! 

June came and for me it was Holiday Season, When on Holiday I like to get a new Nail Varnish colour usually one that is going to enhance my non existent tan. For this I bought ESSIE duck egg blue. I absolutely love this nail polish, it dries so quick and is a really fun and vibrant Colour to have on in the  Summer months. 

Once Autumn hit it was back to the deep Berry shades this time however I opted for Rimmel Lasting finish as I love the size brush in this range.  With Metallics being a must have in Autumn I also went for the Silver Metallic Foil by Barry M. To be honest with you, I'm not big on the Metallic Nails, I think it is due to my Skin colouring I just feel that it washes my hand colouring out. However with the right outfit, the outfit most probably involving a bit of Leather or Velvet, Metallic Nails rock!

An all year favourite for me is Nude, As I generally wear Black and Tan, Nude Nails for me are a Staple, I always buy the Revlon 368 shade. With Nude being a very soft colour, many Nail Varnish brands in this colour can not seem to get the right pigment which means we have to do all the hard work. This involves waiting hours for the 5 coats of Nail varnish to dry, But not with this one, 2 layers and your good to go. 

I started off the New Year with my Rimmel Lasting Finish in Berry covered in a Layer of Glitter. (Somethings never change)

2013 wants

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When I started the New Year I wrote in my Diary the things that I would like to get and review in 2013. I wrote them down most probably due to hearing great reviews or just genuinely wanting them.
I know some of you will be thinking it has just been Christmas however I never ask for Make up as I feel it isn't much of a present and I like the surprise. 
So here is my 2013 wants and desires. 

  • MAC Lustre Drops - I have heard great reviews on this product and I am always after a product to illuminate my skin and I think I may have finally found the one. I have tested this product in MAC and I was very pleased with the result. For £17.50 some may say that it is on the expensive side however you only need a tiny amount therefore it will last you for several months.
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 - I have already got the Original Naked Palette and love it, but I prefer the shades in the updated version so I plan on investing in this. The Original Palette ,don't get me wrong is amazing, but every colour in the updated Palette screams me, so it is a must buy. It does retail on the high side at £36.00 but I know that it is worth it.
  • Benefit Brow Zings- I have previously mentioned in recent posts that my Flat mate has this and I always nick it off her. It retails at £22.50 so January 2013 I will have my own, I promise Holly.
  • NARS Foundation- Sheer Matte- The reviews I have heard about this have been incredible and luckily for Christmas I got a lovely £25 voucher for Selfridges from my Cousin and his Wife so in the next week You can find me purchasing this. It retails at £29.50 so now that's only £4.50 for me to pay.
  • Real Techniques Make Up Brushes Core collection set by Samantha Chapman. I have already got the Starter set collection  and think the brushes are amazing. They make my Make-up go on very easily and blend my Make up especially when Contouring. Therefore I would love to get better acquainted  with the Core range.
  • Black Zara Bag- Most people have been buying the Black Bucket Bag from Zara and I absolutely love it but due to popular demand of this bag it has gone down in my eyes. I have since found this Office City Bag in Zara which I have fell in love with. Ive recently been given a cheeky Tax rebate so this is the first thing in my list to buy. I love free money, ( or what feels like it).
  • Perfect Legs Skin Miracle I first heard about this through You Tube Bloggers and liked the Idea of it but before I could grab it my Friend came home with it and told me all about this new Leg shine moisturizing "thing" as I recall. We wore it to our Christmas Party and I really found my legs looked and felt a lot smoother giving my tan an instant glow and I'm sure it made my legs look more defined and slimmer.   
  •  Benefit- They're Real Mascara- Now I am actually cheating a bit here as I have already bought this product. I bought it today yet haven't used it. The reviews on this have been amazing and it has been voted the best Mascara of 2012. I bought it for £18.50 from my local Benefit in Angel, London, and I am so excited to wake up tomorrow morning and use it.
I have recently come into a little bit of free money as I like to call it so maybe I will be buying a few of these at the same time, As soon as I do I will give you a Blog update about my loves, likes and dislikes. 
As you are probably aware I have linked all these products for you, so If you are wanting to buy them I have made it nice and easy for you. Happy shopping Bloggers. 

The best Beauty Products of 2012

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Benefit- That GAL Brightening face Primer
Being completely honest I never used to use Primer I didn't really think it was going to do what it said on the packet, But I wish for once that I had listened because my Make up has stayed on better than ever. I kept complaining that my foundations never lasted me the whole day and all this time it was because I wasn't using it. Now, maybe some Primers aren't great and yes I did start with a good one, but Benefit has got me good. I have only got a sample left now cause I have used it all up hence the small one below.

Dior Forever Foundation
This Foundation has done me well in 2012, I think since I first bought it, I have re-bought it 3 times, however I now feel it is time for a new one. Not because it isn't amazing I'm just ready for a change. It goes on like a dream and it stays on for the remainder of my day, with or without primer. It is on the pricey side at £28 but it lasts me around 6 months so put that into perspective.

Clarins Instant Lip Perfecter
The reasoning in me getting this was due to all the rave reviews and I was ready for a change. I haven't had this for that long but I have been using it everyday since I have bought it and now I cannot live without it. It goes on like a gem and tastes and smells delicious. I have it in shade 02 which is a nice pinky colour. Another brilliant factor of this product is that you can wear it alone if your having a more natural day in the make up department, or you can layer it over your favourite high volume Lip stick. It is £16 so it isn't the cheapest of lip products I have. However it is a balm and a gloss in one and it really does make your lips visibly beautiful.

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch
Now I know I have already mentioned Benefit Primer however I started to use Clarins Instant Smooth perfecting touch as I had come to the end of my Benefit one and I wanted a change. I had heard amazing reviews over this Primer on You tube and via magazines that I wished for it, and I got it. Let me just say that the reviews were true and I don't think I will ever use a different Primer again. That being said it is £36 which is pretty damn pricey especially as it is only a 20 ml pot. I did however weigh up the pro's and con's of it and the only one was the price, and even that I found an answer to.

Bobby Brown Brows
Now this I actually do not own but I wish I did. It is my Flat mates and I always ask her if I can borrow it. I have the most wonkiest of eyebrows ever, through no fault of my own (may I add). This gives me full brows with a great arch and I can kind of make my brows look the same with this. It is one part cream and one part colour, one defines the arch and one part adds fullness. It really is the most amazing product ever. My Flat Mate Holly, has it in shade Saddle/ Mahogany and this is the perfect colour for dark but natural brows. It retails at approximately £27 which isn't too bad considering you only use a tiny amount per day. I will get this sometime this week im sure cause blogging about it now is making me want to hop on the tube and go pick it up from Selfridges.

Bourjois Eye shadows
This set of 3 is my best friend. I havent been able to find the actual set again as I bought it in a Duty free section on my way home from St Tropez but I have been able to buy the individual colours of them since. They last me the whole day without wearing an eye shadow primer and they go on very easily without the need to cake yourself in them. These 3 Eye shadows are my day shades and I have used them everyday throughout 2012. I would definitely take the time in scouring the internet for these particular shades. They usually retail individually at £6.50 so thats around £19 but they are very large in comparison to the small sets you would usually get from elsewhere so they are definitely an investment.

Bourjois Mascara
I have got 6 empty tubes of this Mascara which I have just recently thrown out. It is my favourite mascara of all time. I already have very curly lashes of a average length but this mascara just seems to turn them into long full thick healthy looking lashes. If you like your Mascara to look very natural and fine then this is not the Mascara for you. But if like me you like volume all the time, then go get your paws on this, at a retail price of £9 you can't help say yes.

Benefit High Beam Highlighter
I started wearing a highlighter in the Summer months however it was the Fake Benefit one I think. After 2 weeks I through it out and invested in the real deal. I am so glad I did this because the difference in the fake to the real one is crazy. This stays on for the whole day and glistens all day long. It really does open up my eyes and makes them look bigger whilst giving my eyebrows the arch they desire.

My own Photo's are the ones with the green background, the others however are not due to me not having any of that product left. The rights remain with the brand name.
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