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Coming back to University means work and more work and I always know what as soon as I start back into the Student life blogging takes a turn in the wrong direction cause I just don't have the time to keep updating when deadlines for work keep popping up.
So sorry I have been a real bad blogger for the last 2 months. I am going to make more of an effort and keep you all updated with the events that take place within my life as a Londoner!

Trying to remember events that took place 2 months ago is a strenuous task for my brain but the few I have come up with are as follows. 
My drapers interview came to an end! Having the opportunity to work behind the scenes at one of the best Fashion business magazines was an eye opener. I had the best time ever, made some contacts and it really gave me the drive to crack on with my final year at uni, and just get it done. 
So from working 9 till 6 for a while it was back to working 3 days a week and getting paid and a lot of time doing exactly what I wanted which involved wandering around London's many markets and I shall not lie catching up on a lot of TV I missed out on.
So life was sweet, very sweet in fact! that was until the dreaded final year of University started. 
It was then back into a routine of prioritising between degree work and paid work, doing a weekly food shop and having a social life, and to be honest not that much has changed. The use of the words Graduation, Dissertation and hard work are being said to much for my liking, but roll on 8 months and I shall be in a Traveller without a care in the world. 

I did also have a sneaky trip to London sea life Aquarium the other day which was surprisingly good with all the bad press I had heard about, Oh and I took up French about 6 weeks ago which is going good some may say, hopefully I will see an improvement soon. 

Anyway for now thats it but I am going to be putting up a Christmas list of 2012 best christmas treats soon and a Look book to follow.  So for now I shall say .... 
Au Reviour 

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