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Having lived in London now for 3 years there are still many places that I have yet to go to, some known to me and many more unknown.

To some people the fear of the unknown is a scary thought and one that does not want to be entered. But for me coming to London was about meeting new people and going new places and that is exactly what I did and still am doing.

These are some of the places I have been to recently.

Soho pizzeria - I have been walking down Carnaby street for sometime now and always see this little pizza place at the end and have always wanted to go in. Finally I got the chance after a long day at Nottinghill Carnival it was time for some well deserved food.
Soho Pizzeria has live music every night with new artists that you can listen to when eating that 15 inch fully loaded pizza you've been waiting for. Its a social hub for new up and coming artists and a great place to go after a hard day at work, with its 1960's pictures taking up all the space on the wall the place gives off the 'cool' vibes.

Somerset house
There has been many exhibitions that I have gone to since being in London the most rememberable one being Dazed and Confused exhibition. being a dedicated reader of dazed and confused it didn't take much persuading for me to take a day off from university life and indulge in the photography from endless inspiration photographers. I revisited Somerset house on Friday with the kick off of London Fashion Week 2013 it was a must. The hustle and bustle made somerset house atmosphere change drastically and oh so in a good way. With bloggers, designers, journalists and photographers all in one place it was a day off making good connections and enjoying the industry that I hope to work in in the future.

Finsbury park is my new local park so me and a few friends decided to make the most of the London sunshine and head there for a few hours grabbing a costa and some well needed talking.

Hyde park is a tourist idea of heaven, being one of the most well known parks in england it is somewhere that when the sun does shine I dont tend to go to. However after taking a shopping trip to Harrods to see my new puppy that I want so much I decided to go to the park and sit by the lake and drown my sorrows for lack of puppy.

Highbury fields was last years local park unfortunately we had to move house and leave the beloved Highbury and islington and with that meant leaving the park. The sun came out and a group of us decided to take a trip down memory lane with an ice lolly.

Date night. first date night after sometime off the market and Keston Lodge was one of the many bars that I ended up in, with some great music and deep Sofa's it was a perfect place for a first date, and hey if the date didn't go so well the toilets where the type of toilets that you don't mind staying in for 10 minutes to ring your friends to tell them you need to get out. Luckily that didn't happen.

Date night number 2 we ended up in Angel in a restaurant called Cafe Diviana. Now with Italian being one of my favourite types of food. I'm always disappointed by the lack of thinness of an italian pizza, no-one wants a Pizza being a big thick doughy american one.
The Pizza was as thin as a macbook air and was mouth watering. Not only was the Pizza to die for but the setting was amazing with old classic photos of pin ups and actual motorbikes hanging off the walls, not the base of the window table we had was a classic red car.

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