London Fashion Week

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Im now on Day 7 of my Internship with Drapers Magazine and it's been an amazing opportunity that many of you will realise.
Since London Fashion week kicked off on the 14th I have had the opportunity to go to some Designer shows, not sitting on the 'FROW' but there and thats as good as anything for me. However I had been given invitations to the shows I would be attending therefore I knew to dress for the occasion as I full well know of the likeliness of being photographed and not forgetting how amazing everyone else will be looking, so I gave it my best effort. Unfortunately on the last day of Fashion week no invitations were sent my way so it was a normal day at the office for me and I knew that would involve getting messy with Sellotape, red ink and lifting boxes so decided it would be a casual chic day for me wearing my grey jersey midi dress and burgundy converse wearing Jewellery to 'UP' the outfit shall we say. At 4.52pm I am know regretting this very much as i've just been told that I shall be attending Fashion Fringe show which starts at 6.30. As much as I love my converse and oh have they completed many an outfit for me, they are NOT Fashion week appropriate. With all the Designers from the competition and Christopher Bailey there to judge my feet shall be tucked away under the seat.

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