London Fashion Week- DAY 4

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We all know the Peter Pilotto prints are memorizing and he does them best than most other, and in this collection he gave reference to Florentine fresco with his recent trip to Kolkata also having an influence on his design. With this said his colour palette was anything but subtle, with sunset colours and royal blues, these were used with contrasting neon green. Pilotto’s usual prints were seen with the skin shell tops and the bust criss-crossing panels but his collection has moved forward it definitely hasn’t come to a standstill. The first look or print should I say coming down the catwalk was a black and white sleeveless printed blouse teamed with a white patent skirt. Peter Pilotto seemed to focus on the hemline of items this season with a small frill that appeared in many pieces that got larger and larger with time. The prints also started of simple using just black and white, then moving onto exploding colours that became complex. We saw frills in peplums, in bell sleeves and again on hems. He also gave us a neon green frill coming down skirts.  We saw ruched frilled boxy cropped jackets that were worn with slim graphic trousers, along with bandage front dress that had a sporty feel to them, as does a lot of Pilotto’s collections. Indian beading had intricate detailing that was inspired from his trip, this was seen in a 3D manner. His finale dress was strong to say the least with small mirror embellishment, they’ve taken a huge step this season, but volume and prints work best for the boy and this collection proves it.

Christopher Kane 2013 collection was inspired by Frankenstein, yes Frankenstein. When I first saw the interview with himself and Vogue my mind went into overdrive, however if anyone is going to take inspiration from something so unique its Kane as this is what he does best, he takes the undesirable and makes it oh so desirable.
The opening statement, A white biker Jacket with a floral pattern kicked off Kane’s show followed by a white crepe dress that was fastened with nuts and bolts. Then another sharp white dress came down the catwalk with bow like detail, but this bow wasn’t any usual bow it was made out of masking tape. Yet this collection was romantic, yes romantic even with bolts, nuts and masking tape, it also had a very Parisian feeling to it. Chiffon dresses were seen with bows on them that shimmered. The colours came cascading down the catwalk with fondant pinks, yellows and whites. Skirts were ruched full with frills. Like I said how he got inspiration from Frankenstein I do not know but a bit of imagination can get you a long way. Kane rocked it.

There’s a reason that the Burberry trench is a classic and Bailey showed us this season exactly why. He reworked the trench into a molten metallic explosion of greatness. Who would have thought the classic trench could be as luxurious in azure, amethyst, raspberry, maroon and lime. The Trenches gave us the illusion of Quality street wrappers, crinkled, shimmy, shiny and tasty maybe not to your taste buds but definitely to your eyes. Moving onto the belted classic white trench Cara Delevingne walked down in gave us a moment to remember who’s collection this was. There was a gold tinted lace trench and one in sateen that was caped. Bailey’s focus was also on the fantastic forties, which was full on glamour, short wine jackets had corset detailing and body skimming skirts with metallic jackets. Cocoon jackets were seem with no size restrictions, volume was at its biggest here. There was cropped bomber jackets in hard leathers and peplums tops in sapphire teamed with tight pencil skirts with a slit up the side. With all these capes you’d think bailey was predicting a summer full of rain, if I can wear one of these trenches down Regents Street in the rain, I don’t give a dam. Give me a trench Bailey!

Here is a live stream video from Burberry spring/summer 2013 as my writing skills do not give Christopher Bailey, the applaud he deserves. 

J.W. Anderson
·       This is one of the shows I actually got to go to this year, which was quite fitting really considering the day before I took myself shopping and bought myself a nice little J.W.Anderson number. It was the Quilted Silk paisley Skirt for £69.99 if you click here you can buy it for yourself and have a little Anderson in your own wardrobe.  So it may have been obvious but I decided to wear this little number for the show and luckily I didn’t see anyone else in it, which was pretty lucky I must say. After taking my seat it didn’t take long for the magic to happen. Out came the first look, a frilled white thick bandeau teamed with grey shorts with the same thick frills. These came in pinks, greys, whites and pale blue. Anderson usually plays it safe with the classics but this season he took it out the box and we saw abstract. Prints were seen on jackets and trousers and hybrid jacket dresses were buckled. Monochrome prints that looked a lot like blocks of abstract paint were seen on wrap over jackets, with skinny pants along with shell tops. His focus was on frills from top to bottom, he even added the frills onto the bags no matter what shape or size. Anderson has had one big month with the launch of his Topshop collaboration having happened earlier, but he definitely didn’t stop at any lengths to make this his best ever show yet.

As my camera and iphone decided it was time to call it a day, no photo's were taken by myself. All Photo are from
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