London Fashion Week- DAY 3

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Marios Schwab gave us traditions and ancient rituals for his spring summer 2013 collection.
The first detail was fringing, flying off every piece of clothing the tribe of Schwab were wearing.  Gladiator sandals were fringed all the way up to plisse shirts with raffia belts and leather bodies then onto jackets.
Leather was dominant in this collection, it came folded pleated and embellished. The dresses seen were sculptured with long black fringing mostly in a berry colour these again teamed with fringed sandals. Dresses were held tight harnessing the female silhouette just how Schwab likes it.
 The next part of the show took a turn for glamour and glitter with tan woven leather skirts some being pleated. Geometric embroidered knitted sweaters were seen that had a honeycomb effect. The outfits felt modern and fresh when teamed together. He brought dresses down the runway that were covered in Swarovski crystals along with jewels and chains. Under the catwalk lights glittering tribal prints of a tattoo like design were found.

'When the props, crutches and conveniences of modern life have been stripped away, tribal peoples show is that humanity is still part of nature.' This was used at the end of his show with his entire collection giving us a sense of nostalgia and him going back to basics with nature. Schwab keep it coming.

Topshop unique is one show everyone was waiting for; with unique in the brands name that is definitely what it was. Minimalism with a sense of maturity was what us Londoners seen coming down the catwalks. An array of cool career women walking down the isle with diagonal lines that were contrasting with plaid. The collection had sporty sheer t-shirts that were flattering with shots of metallic brought in to give it that unique feel.
Windowpane patterns were used on chiffon dresses that were embellished and sequins skirts were found teamed with grey sweatshirts.
The futures bright, the futures white and it’s coming from Topshop Unique.

Vivienne Westwood red label
She started the show and ended it with a very different approach than most Designers. Instead of promoting her collection she told people not to go out and buy the collection. We all know Westwood’s passion is in climate change and this is where her collection for spring summer 2013 was heading. “My motto is ‘buy less, choose well, make it last.' You should wait until you really need something before you buy it. In fact, don't buy this collection.” ‘Vogue’
Her collection started off with a floral headpiece giving us the sense of nature with 50’s references bold colours and patterns. Next came a knitted shift dress in gingham and pinstriped oversized pyjama skirt in pastel pink and cream.
Stain white gloves were found around the models wristed and pearls that were draped across the bodies. Most models faces were painted in pinks, lime greens and whites. At the end of her show instead of doing what most designers do and take their most well deserved bow, Westwood came out with the banner from the Paralympics calling for “climate revolution”

Vivenne Westwood

Every fashion week I get excited for Mary Katrantzou so much that I’ve applied for internships with her in the past just because her clothes are the most individualistic pieces of art. Its art she creates as well as clothes. Every season I wonder how can she top last season yet she always does, her collections are prints and that’s what she’s all about, but this season we saw a different side to her creations, as well as beautiful prints it was all about the shapes and fabrics. Her dresses came fitted at the shoulders but pleated from the neckline with every pleat having its own ribbon. The blue suit, which has been stuck in my mind ever since it left the catwalk, was the sexiest sharpest suit I think my eyes have ever laid eyes on. Then came the patterned green shimmering 2 piece. She added new layers and dimensions that made the shapes uplifting and modern. The prints were even more magical than last year, all prints were on a white backdrop with the prints being flowers, postage stamps and shimmering money all with a blue green palette with hints of metallic thrown in. Silhouettes were more graphic than ever with voluminous sleeves on shirts, A-line dresses and metallic brocade. Now its back to trying to predict what she has got in store for autumn winter 2013, but lets be honest no one can predict Mary Katrantzou.

            I’m usually not the biggest fan of Phillip Treacy designs (even though its his first show for 12 years) but I will literally take my hat off to him with this collection. My oh my, Michael Jackson fans would have been in their element with original pieces of MJ’s wardrobe used in his collection, including his red leather jacket and his jewelled gloves. While Treacy inspiration for his hats all came from Michael Jackson.  Whilst watching the show the first song that came to my head of Mark Morrison ‘Return of the Mack’ but instead of Mack I found myself saying Hat, “return of the hat”.
Hat after hat poured down the runway first netted camouflage hats then hats that had been sculptured into horns followed by shell shaped hats. There was also feathered hats, tricorn hats, small hats, tall hats, bright hats skull hats and many more hats.  With my all time favourite piece of headwear that was inspired by Michael Jackson due to his love of Disney land, massive Minnie mouse ears came down the catwalk. Dita von Teese came down in black jewelled lace and then decided to break it down into an all time favourite Michael Jackson song.  With more and more hats cascading down the runway my eyes were amazed at what I was seeing, Treacy has now got my attention well and truly, any other Disney creations would be very much approved by me.
Did I almost forget to mention how the collection started? GAGA, yes Lady Gaga kicked it off performing as Tinkerbell in a pink number. 

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